• DriveWe’re driven by what drives our clients — the satisfaction of success and the shared confidence that comes from consistently delivering authentic branding. Together, we achieve amazing results and yet we recognize that every day’s challenge is to out-perform our best day ever. Brand Definition is helping define some of the world’s most interesting brands and in doing so we’re redefining excellence in branding and marketing.
  • ImpactWhat does it take to make a lasting impact in the marketplace? At Brand Definition, we think what’s needed is the optimal balance of bright ideas, informed position and applied work-rate. We seek to work with clients who share this worldview so we can help them stay top of their game for the full ninety minutes, four quarters, nine innings, 18 holes or 26.2 miles. We may speak softly, but our work leaves a strong impact.
  • InsightWe’re not the agency of everyone. We don’t apply our lens to every market imaginable and assume we know that market landscape. Instead, we concentrate on finite business and consumer technology markets where our team members have valuable experience, deep knowledge and strong contacts. This coupling of experience and expertise yield potent insights that inform our efforts and strengthen our client positions.
  • PerformancePerformance is a balancing act. At Brand Definition, positioning, creativity, industriousness and accountability infuse everything we do. We accomplish this by hiring, retaining and motivating the best people, by maintaining a strong-held commitment to branding excellence and by taking advantage of highly evolved systems and technologies. It’s a balancing act we happily perform every day!
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