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CORK, Ireland — Securing personal information stored on a smart phone, whether you’re a business mogul, student or celebrity, is a top priority, especially with recent news showing how simple it is to have information lost or hacked.  Yougetitback’s Mobile SuperheroTM enables mobile devices to be locked down and located around the globe with greater effectiveness if lost or stolen.

Mobile Superhero, available for download from and also from leading retailers, allows consumers to lock down supported devices via web or text.  Full screen lock will disable these supported devices – Android™, Windows Mobile®, Symbian and Blackberry® – making them unusable until unlocked by the device owners, while still able to accept incoming calls e.g. from the owner.  This lock remains in place, but the phone can still be tracked, even if the SIM card is changed.

“Consumers use their mobile phones for nearly every aspect of their lives, so it’s easy to forget that the device contains valuable information that can be a goldmine for criminals who may get their hands on a missing phone,” stated Paul Prendergast, co-founder and head of sales, Yougetitback.  “Preventing information loss is a top priority for Yougetitback and with our Superhero solutions, consumers can rest easy that their information is protected in the event their device goes missing.”

If the device is misplaced or stolen, a message is posted on the welcome screen of the device explaining that the device is deactivated and gives the finder an option to report the missing device.  As such, thieves are deterred and finders are encouraged to return it.  On supported camera-equipped smart phones, Mobile Superhero can take a picture of the individual seeking to operate the device and deliver it to the owner.  Once it becomes clear a device is missing or stolen, the user can activate a scream feature upon locking, which immediately attracts attention and makes the device a considerable risk to handle.

Once the device is locked down, the phone can be easily located. Mobile Superhero uses GPS, Wi-Fi, cell tower tracking and other features to locate the device – which Yougetitback believes offers significantly more effective tracking than competitive offerings.

“Yougetitback’s loss prevention and recovery service is another important step in ensuring privacy and important information is kept in the correct hands,” continued Prendergast.  “We offer an anti-hacking solution when a phone is lost or stolen. Consumers must also make sure they actively keep passwords and vital information difficult to access even without a lost device.  As we’ve seen in recent weeks, anyone can be a victim of a cell phone hack.”

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Based in Cork, Ireland is a market leader in mobile device anti-theft solutions.

Operating globally and working with Insurance companies, telecom operators, consumer electronics retailers and OEMs YouGetItBack has developed a wide range of anti-theft solutions for smartphones, tablets & laptops. YouGetItBack specializes in offering white label solutions to partners with fully integrated enterprise level support including customer contact centers, training and marketing support.


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